Saved object not found & cannot delete it


I re-indexed my data and created a new data view after deleting the old one. There are some visualization objects linked to the old data view which I managed to create again and remove the old one however there are couple which I couldn't remove them from the dashboard or re-create them, clicking on the objects do nothing and I only managed to change their panel title.
I searched for them within the saved objects and deleted them but nothing changed, still showing on the dashboard.
I can move them around the dashboard but cannot remove them at all, they appear with below message

"Saved object [lens/ad63a760-0336-11ed-9834-7570b951083d] not found"

is there any solution to remove them from the dashboard other than "Delete from dashboard" option.


Hi @uae_user , thank you for reporting the issue. Can you see the "Delete from dashboard" option from the panel menu or the menu doesn't get displayed? Please let us know if your problem is the same as this one: [Lens] panel action menu broken when visualization missing · Issue #139530 · elastic/kibana · GitHub

Hi @Teresa_Alvarez
No I cannot see it, nothing is displayed when I click on the options icon.
Yes I believe I have the same problem as the one mentioned in the url.

Thank you

Thanks for your reply @uae_user . This problem has been fixed for 8.5 and it will be released to 8.4 retroactively on Sept 20th. Unfortunately, we cannot release to previous versions. Which version are you using? Do you have the chance to update the version?

I'm using elasticsearch 8.2
@Teresa_Alvarez I fixed it for now by creating another dashboard. will consider updating elasticsearch as soon as possible.

Appreciate your help.

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