Kibana dashboard values changing indicators

Hello, I have a dashboard with a "table" panel (lens) which have over 100 rows, each with count of success and failure for each row (service).
How can i add an indicator in that can show whether these values have changed over the last 5-10 minutes? like an up arrow or change color of text to green for example. We are monitoring values of a whole day so it's hard to memorize all values to know if it's changing or not.

Hi @SamehSaeed,

I'm not aware of a way to change the update style within Kibana itself. I have a feeling you would need to change the CSS yourself or consider writing a plugin.

Thanks for your reply, using a plugin might work but how do i calculate that there was a difference in this value over the last 5 minutes? I tried to make a runtime field like Final Status -5 which should hold the count but 5 minutes before (Final Status is also a runtime field) but I couldn't make it work.

Can you give more details on the runtime field calculation you had, and what you mean by "it didn't work"? Were you receiving a particular error or just an unexpected result?

Received an error, I was trying to get the same value of "Final Status" from 5 minutes ago then make another runtime field (or the same field if possible) that will hold the difference between the 2 and thats how i can indicate that this value was update in the last interval. However, i remembered that this is an aggregation, so "Final Status - 5" would have no meaning, unless i can extract the count of "Final Status -5". Right now i don't see anyway to calculate it unless i make another pipeline in logstash that directly retrieves the count, count -5 minutes and the difference.

Anyway, runtime field I have tried :

long fiveMinutesAgoTimestamp = doc['call_start_time'].value.toInstant().toEpochMilli() - 5 * 60 * 1000;
def fiveMinutesAgoDocument = doc['call_start_time'].value[fiveMinutesAgoTimestamp];
return fiveMinutesAgoDocument != null ? fiveMinutesAgoDocument['Final Status'] : null;

error :

Cannot cast null to a primitive type [void].

Note : this script was generated by AI as i have zero knowledge of painless scripts

Found something that might solve this, though I'm still working on it : 353243