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I'm trying to create a visualisation in Kibana dashboard that shows the UP Time of some API's and also shows when they last logged a response into Elastic. I want to colour each api's info green, amber or red, depending on when they last logged a response to elastic. How would I go about doing this?

I can only seem to get it to show the up time or last response time but not colour it or group it by time since the last response

Hi Thomas. I think you would need a formula in Lens like last_value(timestamp, kql='timestamp: *') and use the Color by value option. Here's an example screenshot.

Hi, I've tried that and it doesn't seem to work?
It doesn't like the type of the timestamp field?

Just thought it might be helpful info. I'm on Elastic 7.17.9 and can't update

Hi Thomas. Sadly, last_value does not work with Datetime fields in v7.17. I was testing on v8.8.2.

You could create a runtime field on your index pattern to convert the timestamp to a double of epoch milliseconds. Then use that field in your formula.

This is the script I used for a runtime field called timestamp_epoch.

ZonedDateTime input = doc['timestamp'].value;
long milliSinceEpoch = input.toInstant().toEpochMilli();

Then I can use the formula last_value(timestamp_epoch) in my Lens visualization.

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