Kibana Dashboards

I am using Elastic Cloud as my Backend. I have ndjson files. I wanted to load dashboards in my application using those ndjson files.

I want to customize the dashboards according to my application theme. Are there any plugins for that? If not, is there any other way of handling that?

You may want to check this excellent blog post on how to embed Kibana dashboards

Regarding theming, there's not much you can do with Elastic Cloud apart from configuring a banner and setting a default light or dark theme for the Space used in your iframe

Thank you for the reply @jsanz. Is there any documentation to understand the kibana GitHub code? I am trying to understand the code to contribute to the open source. Kindly help me.

Kibana is a really large codebase. You can start from here

and as it mentions, you can also check documentation in the repo here

Thank you @jsanz