Kibana Data Analyst & Security Analytics Courses

Hi all! first time posting. I have used the ELK stack for security purposes "Security Onion" & "HELK" distros. I was looking into deepening my threat hunting & security abilities by training for the Kibana Data Analyst course and taking some of the Security Analytics courses.

I see prerequisites for the Kibana Data Analyst such as the Elasticsearch Engineer 1 materials. The Security Analytics courses pre-req's are Kibana Data Analyst and Elasticsearch Engineer.

Is it absolutely necessary to get that deep into elasticsearch engineering materials in order to complete the Kibana Data Analyst or the Security Analytics courses?

I am just interested in the Kibana Data Analyst and the Security courses, in order to deepen my skill set in analyzing data. I don't really care about building ELK infrastructures as I am more on the data analysis & hunting spectrum.


Hello! Thanks for reaching out!

Concerning the Kibana Data Analyst training, it should have no prerequisite. Even without knowing Elasticsearch you should be able to take the training.

What is the exact name of the security training you are talking about ?

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Hi Melvyn, thanks for the response.

The security courses I plan on taking are:
Analyzing Windows Host Data
Analyzing Network Data
Elastic Alerting for Cybersecurity

Hi @chrisone,

These are not hard pre-requisites. If you have worked with the stack for a while now, you should be able to track well. All of the courses will assume you know basic navigation within Kibana.

FYI: Alerting for Cyber security is not available on demand yet.

Good luck! Please don't hesitate to reach back out if you have further questions.



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Thanks everyone for your input! I plan on registering for the Analyzing Windows Host Data course. The Network Data course will have to wait. Wish it was for $200 :slight_smile:

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