Any Elastic Stack tutors around this weekend?

Seeking tutor for an hour or two ($50/hr?) - I'm EST time but flexible on time (today thru Mon.)


There are a lot of free tutorials on fundamentals and how to series available for you , may be thats a quick and easy start ?

you can always ask your questions on discuss. Our engineers will be happy to answer.


Thanks Rashmi! I took the exam this week but I did not factor in lost time from a slow-moving exam tool. The scrollbar did not move up/down easily. I tried both with the mouse and the scroll keyboard tab/key. Due to this, as well as, having to navigate between window-pane views, I lost on average 4mins per task. I ended up using up the full 2-hrs instead of 1.5hrs (as planned) with 30min left over for review (sad face).

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