Kibana data directory

(Stuart Smith) #1

I'd like to change our kibana data directory - which I understand can be achieved by setting

This means kibana now looks for the keystore in this directory.

However kibana-keystore.bat create still creates the keystore in the default data folder.

How can I specify to the kibana-keystore.bat the new data directory.

(Jon Budzenski) #2

I just took a look, it's a bug and opened Thanks for the notice.

I didn't see any easy workarounds, unfortunately. I think the best option is to manually move the file.

(Stuart Smith) #3

Thanks for looking into this and raising the bug request.

In the end we managed to work around by setting the DATA_PATH environment variable before running kibana-keystore.bat.

(David Rodriguez) #4

Which environment variable is that? I tried KIBANA_DATA .

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(David Rodriguez) #6

Thank you I found it.

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