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I am using Kibana 6.2.3 and have already obfuscated my passwords using the Kibana Keystore tool. However, I noticed that it only works if the kibana.keystore file is located under /path_where_tar_was_extracted/kibana-6.2.3-linux-x86_64/data/.

I am using a custom path in order to keep isolated the data/, logs/ and config/ directories as recommended in the documentation.

When I execute Kibana, I use the -c flag to indicate the path to the config file. In this file, the property is configured accordingly. Why is it not working if kibana.keystore is in my custom path? Nothing is written into the log, nor the console. The process terminates as soon as I attempt to start Kibana. If I keep my passwords in plain text everythings works fine.

Thanks in advance.

I have opened a PR to resolve this issue:

Thank you!

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