Kibana datatable visualization to use multiple saved searches for different column


I am trying to merge couple of data table visualizations into one.

Both the data table uses different saved searches on an index. One data table analyzes the current data-set available for sell, whereas the other analyzes the older data-set from the same index (identified by time stamp and few other attributes). We are grouping data in both the tables using the same attributes of the ES document. I would like to merge both the tables together using those common attributes in both the data-tables.

How can I do that?

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What do you mean by merge the two tables together? Can you show an example?


Hi Archana,

This is a simplified version of what we are trying to achieve.

We have a single index which stores price of items and date of sale. e.g.
ItemID | CatID | Price | DateOfSale
1 | A | 1000 | 1-Jun-2018
2 | A | 1100 | 20-May-2018
3 | B | 1200 | 15-May-2018
4 | B | 2000 | No Date (Unsold)
5 | B | 1000 | 5-May-2018

We have created a Saved Search that returns all Sold Items. We have then created a Data Table Visualization that returns the average price of each Category. e.g.
CatID | Average Price
A | 1050
B | 1100

We have create another Saved Search that returned Items Sold in May 2018. We have then created another Data Table Visualization that returns the total sales per Category in May 2018
CatID | NumSalesMay2018
A | 1
B | 2

We need a visualization that combines this data. e.g.
CatID | Average Price | NumSalesMay2018
A | 1050 | 1
B | 1100 | 2

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Hi Archana,
I have provided an example above. Any suggestions?

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