Kibana date issues?


I have some dates entered into ES, but when they are queried in Kibana, I get some funky numbers representing the dates. I am trying to filter out all the dates but October in this case, but can't seem to do that. Here is a sample

October 9th 2018, 13:11:22.519 (has this query)

  "query": {
    "match": {
      "EventTime": {
        "query": 1539105082519,
        "type": "phrase"

In this example, I cannot type "EventTime:October*" for instance to get only October to show. The windows events were imported from a .evtx file and not in real time, otherwise I'd use that time it got into ES.

Any help would be appreciated

What sort of numbers?
How is the EventTime field mapped?

The query number represents the date. The "EventTime" field is set up as a date field, according to kibana.

Here is a snip of that

I found a workaround for the moment. I changed the Index Pattern to look at the EventTime field for Time Based events instead of the @timestamp field.

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