Kibana date issues?



I have some dates entered into ES, but when they are queried in Kibana, I get some funky numbers representing the dates. I am trying to filter out all the dates but October in this case, but can't seem to do that. Here is a sample

October 9th 2018, 13:11:22.519 (has this query)

  "query": {
    "match": {
      "EventTime": {
        "query": 1539105082519,
        "type": "phrase"

In this example, I cannot type "EventTime:October*" for instance to get only October to show. The windows events were imported from a .evtx file and not in real time, otherwise I'd use that time it got into ES.

Any help would be appreciated

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What sort of numbers?
How is the EventTime field mapped?


The query number represents the date. The "EventTime" field is set up as a date field, according to kibana.

Here is a snip of that


I found a workaround for the moment. I changed the Index Pattern to look at the EventTime field for Time Based events instead of the @timestamp field.

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