Kibana date not showing correctly

Hi All,

We are using ELK 7.6.2 stack.

For some reason, all of a sudden Kibana started displaying end date incorrectly. Instead of showing the current time it is stuck to an old time during the same day. Please see below:


Instead of showing the current time i.e. 20:35 it is stuck at 15:33 today. There is no issue with feed from filebeat/ logstash.

Note the "Last 15 minutes" selected in the calendar.

Please guide.

The difference is 7 hours exactly and continues that way.

Strange enough. Now the difference is exactly 5 hours...

Could you check Inspect > Request?
Kibana shows datetime according to Timezone setting (Stack Management > Advanced Settings > General > Timezone for date formatting). Default timezone setting is using the timezone detected by your browser.

This example shows how displayed in Japan Timezone (+09:00).
Have you changed Timezone of browser settings?



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