Kibana timestamp showing UTC and not browser time in 7.6.0

i have an ELK setup where in the discover pane the timestamp is wrong.

the timestamp is different from event time for some reason.

the timezone setting is:
and the logstash setup is (from logstash/conf.d/*.conf file)

the ELK version is 7.6.0.
i have a similar VM with the same setup where issue is not happening - ELK version there is 7.5.1.

what is a possible reason for that and how can i resolve that?

Hi @f.Cavenaghi . Welcome to our community forums!

The issue you are facing is a known issue with Kibana 7.6.0 (c.f. Known issue).

This issue has been fixed in Kibana 7.6.1 (c.f releases notes). This is the specific pull request if you want further technical details.

Download page for Kibana 7.6.1.

I hope this helps.

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i've upgraded Elastic, kibana and logstash to 7.6.1 - and it was resolved.

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I have upgraded to 7.6.1 because of this bug: I used to see logs stop at one hour less (I am at GMT +1). Now, after upgrade, I have logs which are displayed with one hour too much!

This is the time on my host:

$ date
Tue 10 Mar 2020 10:36:09 AM CET

And this is what I see on Kibana. Notice it shows logs from 11:35 although it is only 10:35.

This is the version I have (on Debian 10): kibana 7.6.1 amd64 Explore and visualize your Elasticsearch data

Hi @Axl, what's your dateFormat:tz setting value in Kibana?

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Thanks, that fixed the issue. It was set to Browser, I set it directly to my timezone, and now the dates are displaying correctly :slight_smile:


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