Kibana date shows up as plus one

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My dates are showing up as minus one in comparison to the raw JSON, when I click on discover and search a record it shows up as 20210410 (see snippet attached) but when I check the raw JSON it is 20210411



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Can you look at the request made by kibana to ES and the answer when the date is not right? And then if you can, post it here, removing the sensitive data that you have. Are there timezones associated with the dates in ES? Are they the same timezone you're in?
In JSON documents, dates are represented as strings. Elasticsearch uses a set of preconfigured formats to recognize and parse these strings into a long value representing milliseconds-since-the-epoch in UTC.

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Thanks for the response. I believe I have understood the issues. Currently my elastic time stamp is set to UTC and on Kibana side my time zone settings was US/Eastern so it was converting but I am trying to understand how can I set the time zone in elastic to EST instead of default UTC ?


You can navigate to Stack Management> Advanced settings > Click on Timezone for date formatting > you can change it to any timezone and save.

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