Kibana deprecation issues: Source configuration field "host name" is deprecated

Hi all,
I am trying to prepare to upgrade my elastic cluster to 8.1.
On the Upgrade Assistant tab i've fixed most of the issue but then there is an issue that said: Source configuration field "host name" is deprecated. The way elastic propose us to fix is to: Adjust your indexing to identify hosts using ""
I really have no ideal what to do with this problems.
Please help

Thanks for your time.

Anyone has an ideal of how to deal with this or should i just ignore it.

Where in your configuration or data are you using "host name"? I believe this is to align with the Elastic Common Schema which is default in 8.0 +.

I mean i don't know where to check that config, if i have to change that on filebeat conffig then it will be impractical for me to do so. But if i only have to change mapping or something like that then i can do it.

Most of my indexes has field
Maybe that is the issue that elastic warning me about.

Is it stopping you from upgrading ? Also do you have the full error , warning ?

um no not really, i haven't upgrade elastic yet, i'm just trying to resolve all the critical issue in the upgrading tab in kibana so that the upgrade will have no issue.

If you cant identify the offending "Host Name" configuration in any of your indicies or say dashboards, then it will show probably after through your usage where you can correct. It isnt critical i assume.

Well it is the only critical issue that is left on my cluster. That why i'm trying to find a way to fix it.

I just went away and upgrade the cluster and there seem to be no problems.

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