Kibana : Design Document for any version above 6.1

To Understand Kibana :
Any reference documentations are present

to understand the source code of kibana
Any version above 6.1 design document is fine for me

How did they include react and angular both


Hi @vvvprabhakar,

I'm a bit confused about what you're asking, can you please clearly formulate the question you have?


i want to go through the source code and understand the design of it. How angular js and react js are present in the application

Any reference design documentation is there for Front end code ??

I see, I'm afraid we don't have any consolidated doc on that apart from these:

Having said that we're actively phasing out Angular parts of Kibana, I'd encourage you to read about this migration process as well.


apart from this i want to understand how it is build , what is it procedure they are using to build the client side code and server side code

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