Kibana Dev Tools does not work

Hello guys,

I upgraded Kibana to version 6.7.0 and Dev Tools stopped working.

"message": "Client request error: connect ECONNREFUSED",
"statusCode": 502,
"error": "Bad Gateway"

Hi, I assume is where you're serving Kibana from. Is that correct? If so, can you tell me if you see any errors in your logs?

Can you also clarify where you're seeing this 502? Is in the browser dev tools? Screenshots will be helpful. :slight_smile:


Also, just a guess, but can you take a look at Error: 502 Response to see if it's relevant to your problem?

Dumb question: Have yoou started kibana?
I got the bad gateway response after stopping kibana and not restarting it. doh!

Hi, my friend, I'm running a query through Dev Tools.

Hello friend, Kibana is running yes.

I already restart Kibana and nothing.

The logs do not display errors.

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