When I am trying to open Dev_tools in Kibana, Why I am getting Black page

This is how it will shows when I am opening elasticsearch devTools

when I am trying to open dev_tools I am getting this error continuously from past One week . Can anybody Know about this......??????

Hi @Anand_Konagala ,

What stack version and browser do you use? Is it self hosted or on cloud?
There might be errors in browser console, would be helpful if you can post here if any.

Best, Dima

Hi @Dzmitry

Thank you for your response. Which is Elasticsearch 8.7.0 Maintained in physical Server And Am using it in browser.

Best Regards,

Good to know. I think there is something blocking requests to your Kibana server, Open Chrome DevTools and check Network tab while you navigate to Console.

We need it to help.

Best, Dima

Which One you want?? If you see that screenshot When I open dev tools the HTTP methods Placed like that

Most likely you are accessing Kibana via proxy. Check which domains CDN are blocked for JS, status should be 404 or similar. I cannot find which domains are required officially in the documentation.

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