Kibana showing bad gateway / not starting properly - 7.6.2

Hello guys,

I've a cluster on 7.6.2 on top of Oracle Linux distro.

Master Nodes - 3
DataNodes - 3

When I try to install the Kibana 7.62, I always get "bad gateway 502" when I reach the 5601 port.

I've tested with the old version 6.7.2 and it works connecting to the Masters on 7.6.2, anyone have seem this error before ?


Hi @ltm,

Welcome to our community! Can you give more details on your setup? Are you using a proxy? Can you clarify the last statement, did you mean old version 6.7.2 connects to Masters on 6.7.2 or did you mean 7.6.2?


Hi Liza,

I'm realised that I was using some deprecated variables names, like 6.7.2 into the 7.6.2 configuration files.

You can close this ticket please. all good now.

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Sounds good, thanks @ltm!

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