Kibana - Disable gzip compression

(Nathan Zugsay) #1

We are trying to use IIS ARR to do reverse proxy of kibana to add some level of security. We are trying to disable content compression (content-encoding: gzip) to allow us to implement a work around. I see that in hapi that is configured under connection properties but I don't see where I could override the default value of compression:true. Any help is greatly appreciated.

(Brandon Kobel) #2

Hey @locguero, Kibana/Hapi should be choosing whether to use content compression based on the Accept-Encoding HTTP header have you all tried not including that header for the requests between the reverse proxy and kibana itself?

(Nathan Zugsay) #3

Thank you Brandon. We were able to get around this issue. We were trying to use a different base path in the proxy and that was causing issues and thus the need for changing compression. We decided to use the same base url and just a different port on the proxy. We are good now. Thank you.

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