Kibana Discover 10,000 documents download limit

I want to save a search and download 100,000 documents from discover page.

But I'm able to download only 10,000 documents.

How to increase this limit in discover...I checked in advanced settings...But it is not changing.


10000 is the maximum no.
I am curious. What is the use case for downloading 100000 documents? This will also impact Kibana's performance?


Sometimes we have more amount of data and we may need reports to be generated....Discover is little faster than a to download from discover . But limit is set at 10,000 documents.

Lets take Metricbeat for example...It will keep sending data from some network devices every few seconds and I have want to download a report for a particular day which may be 100,000 records.

So, If we have option to increase the limit it will be really useful.

@matw do you have any inputs please?


thx @bhavyarm , dear @Sandeep_Raju , how do you download your data? I'm not aware there's a limit if you generate a CSV report?


In discover, I go and save the search which is on top of the menu.

After saving the search, I go to reporting button the menu and select generate CSV report which downloads the discover data.

But it gives out 10,000 records only.

There should not be such a limitation, which version of Kibana are you using?

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