Kibana Discover not working

Hello all,
When I try to open the Discover in Kibana version 8.1.0, facing an issue as below, could anyone suggest why is it happening and how to address this?

HI @nandatibco

Welcome to the community. Could you provide more information about your environment?
What are the Elasticsearch and kibana settings?

bets regards

Hi Gerson,

Thank you for looking into this issue, below are the configurations for ES & Kibana:

Please let me know if more details required.

single node with: true false

http.port: 8085
Elasticsearch.hosts: true false

Complete error message:

*at search_interceptor_SearchInterceptor.handleSearchError (*
*at t.selector (*
*at t.error (*
*at t._error (*
*at t.error (*
*at t.error (*
*at Object.error (*
*at t.__tryOrUnsub (*
*at t.error (*
*at t._error (*



in the log you sent there is a port 7081, is it the communication port with kibana? and port 8085 would be the one for communication with Elasticsearch?

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