Kibana discover page URL with time filter

Hi, I want to generate dynamic urls for logs viewing, but I have epoch time in my integrated service. So when i pass something like time:(from:1595007316121,mode:absolute,to:1595007816121) the time picker on the upper right translates properly, but the query returns 0 hit

Is there anyway to achieve such purpose?

@christine-gong Welcome to the Discuss forum!

If no errors are thrown, then I suspect the issue is that there's a mismatch in the timezone between the time-field in your index pattern and the one that you are using to issue the query. The timepicker uses the timezone set in Kibana while the documents in the index have epoch time stamps.
I recommend the following:

  1. Check the date format of your time field in the Index Pattern UI
  2. In Advanced Settings, you might need to change your timezone (it defaults to the browser timezone but you can set that to something else)

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