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Before that, i'm sorry for my bad english.

Are kibana discover can't add more than 5 host? because there are 7 hosts that i need to monitor, but when i already config my filebeat then open my kibana, there are only five hosts that can be monitored.

Is it true, or there are any solution?


hi @Aris_Pratama,

I'm not a 100% sure what you're referring too. Could you share a screenshot of that Discover page, showing those 5 hosts?


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hi @thomasneirynck

thanks for response, and i'm sorry for my bad english, so i can't use it in proper way :slight_smile:

what i mean is when you click beat.hostname on kibana discover, there are only appear 5 data hostname like image below

but, i'm already config for 7 host, and when your pointer approaches the information button, a message appears "top 5 values ..." like image below

is there any ways for show more than 5 data? or it can't be changed? i'm new using kibana.


By default it shows only 5 in the Dicsover page. However you can change this during Visualization by altering the parameters there

ah ok, I see.

You can't really change the default there in that particular part of the UI. But you can click on the Visualize button, which will show you any any number of values of a field.

Also consider creating a Data Table visualization, that can show you all the values for a field.

Also note that you can create your own Dashboard, with all the information you want to see. So you are not tied to the Discover-page if you want to see more data points.

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oh, so it's like that.

thanks for the information @all

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