Option List host.name not all values

(Jörg Eckhold) #1

I don't get all the host names in the optionlist, which were sent via filebeat to elasticsearch.
You will see what I mean in the Screenshots:

In the second screen you can see, that there are obviously more than 3 hosts available.
My question is, how do I fix that?

I know it refers to https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues/17388. But where and how can I change the terminate_after for the host.name preset?

(Joe Fleming) #2

I thought this might be a time range bug, but I tested locally and it is not. Seems like a document count issue, due to the way that list is populated. Since that issue is still open, those values are likely still hard-coded and nothing short of a custom Kibana build will let you change them.

(Jörg Eckhold) #3

So will this 'bug' be changed in the next version of Kibana? Would be good to know.

(Joe Fleming) #4

Looking at that issue, it seems like a number of users are running into that problem. I don't know if the team that maintains that is actively working on a fix or not, but https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues/17388 is where to watch to find out, ask questions, and otherwise discuss it.

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