Kibana does not detect elasticsearch indices

Hello. Just getting started with ES / Kibana. I configured them with official docker images, and they are both up and running.

When I try to visualize my Elasticsearch data in Kibana though, I get the following message when trying to configure an index pattern:

I actually have two indices in elasticsearch called stocks and stocks2, but as you can see, Kibana detects none.

Here are my indices (oddly detected in the monitoring part):

And in command line to make sure they are present in elasticsearch:

As you can see, those indices actually exist in elasticsearch, and they are NOT empty.

The only difference I see with most people is that I'm not using Logstash, is it required to run kibana with ES ? If not, can anyone help me solve this?

Thanks for reading!

Okay I fixed this by myself: after querying my indice data in the dev section, I saw that I didn't have rights with the "kibana" default user.

I tried to log with the "elastic" user (same as elasticsearch) and it solved it.

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