Kibana does not display the result/data of a time field (converted from UNIX time)

I was successfully able to convert UNIX time to Human readable format ,However kibana fails to load data from the below field .

Is it because the format is missing ? as seen in the mapping ?

        "Fwd_Time" : {
          "type" : "date"

Filter :-

date {
match => [ "Fwd_epoch_time","UNIX" ]
target => "Fwd_Time"
remove_field => ["Fwd_epoch_time"]

@Shreesh_Narayanan It's not clear to me from your question where and how you're tying to use the filter.
The code looks like it's for ingestion (maybe logstash or filebeat?) but I'm guessing.
Could you please provide a bit more information on how you're trying to use the filter and more about your setup (version, use case etc)?

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