Kibana does not refresh list of fields when clicking on the refresh button


I am running an elk stack 7.3.0 with kibana 7.3.0. I have recently enabled lots of incoming data into the APM but in order to have hte new fields searchable I have to refresh the index pattern in order to rescan for new fields. This is no longer working in kibana. Any suggestion how to make it work?


How is it not working? It would be very helpful it you can provide steps to reproduce and potential error messages.

Thank you in advance

When clicking the reload button in the index patterns on the selected index the fields should be reread by kibana and once that done all the exclamation marks in the discover should dissapear and those fields should become searchable. That is not happening for some reason.

hey @zozo6015
I've tested locally on 7.3, creating a simple index with a simple document, and adding documents with additional fields one after the other.
I've noticed that if you click the reset button, the field list remain the same unfortunately. But I've also noticed that the field list is updated if I switch between the Fields and the Scripted fields tabs on the page. Could you please check this?
This, btw is only an issue on the UI, the underlying index pattern seems to be updated and I can see the question mark goes away on the discover page.

If you hit refresh and then you go to the discover page, are you still seeing the question mark on every new field?

I have tried your steps. After the refresh I went back to discover and looked up the exact same document just to be sure that the problem persist and all the exclamation marks that were there before remained. I can create a short video of all the steps I am doing just to be sure.

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