Kibana does not show nested fields for discover or visualization

I have gathered ES index and node stats using logstash EXEC input and outputting that to another ES cluster. My kibana is sitting on top of the cluster to monitor the stats. I see all the nested fields in Kibana but I can't discover or visualize on any of those fields! Am I missing something?

Kibana fields:
name type format analyzed indexed
primaries.suggest.current number
total.warmer.current number
total.filter_cache.memory_size_in_bytes number
total.translog.size_in_bytes number
total.indexing.index_time_in_millis number

Kibana doesn't currently support nesting or parent/child unfortunately.

Please +1 this ticket, if this is important to you (and describe your use case):

One trick you can use is "include_in_parent" setting in Elasticsearch mappings, which flattens the schema at index time; it's also described in one of the comments in the ticket.

Thanks. That helps