Kibana visualizations with nested field types


Is there a support for nested fields in kibana visualizations? Using elasticsearch and Kibana 7.0

We are planning to solve mapping explosion by help of nested fields. In the process many saved objects will break. I didn't find anything about how to do visualizations on nested fields.

And also, what's the easy way to query nested fields from kibana discover tab (both search and filter) without having to write a complex query rapping around 'nested' key of the query.


Kibana does not support nested fields in most places:

Nested fields can be supported in places where you see individual documents or use the query DSL directly, such as the Vega visualization.

Thanks for the reply @wylie

Is there a plan to support nested fields in future releases of Kibana? Because it seems odd when one product of elastic stack (elasticsearch) supports it (and even recommends it to avoid mapping explosion in few instances) and other product (Kibana) doesn't.

It's a popular request for the reasons you mentioned, but it's not something I can give a timeline on.

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