Nested object fields not visible in Kibana visualizations

Hi guys, I am new to the ELK stack. I have been trying to build a visualization in Kibana that involves nested object fields. But have had no luck finding any information or resource on how to accomplish that. Can someone please help guide

Hi, the Kibana visualization types do not support nested object fields. However, if you are able to flatten the data before indexing, you will have luck in visualizing the data that way. You can use a Transform to do this, but it doesn't directly support flattening nested data - you will need to create a custom Transform to do it.

For more on Transforms, see:

Elasticsearch also provides a flattened data type that can be used to flatten the data. Using that, a nested object will be mapped as a single field. To visualize fields mapped as flattened, you can use Runtime fields to define fields you need for specific use.

For more on the flattened type and runtime fields, see:

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