Kibana doesn't work after Reloaded logging configuration

After updating Kibana to version 7.13.0 the service works well, but one time a day Kibana stops working after Reloaded logging configuration due to SIGHUP, what is the reason ?

My Kibana configuration file:

#cat kibana.yml | grep -v '^#'
server.port: 5601
elasticsearch.hosts: ["http://192.168.x.x:9200", "http://192.168.x.x:9200", "http://192.168.x.x:9200", "http://192.168.x.x:9200"]

elasticsearch.username: "user"
elasticsearch.password: "passwd"

elasticsearch.requestTimeout: 300000

elasticsearch.shardTimeout: 300000

logging.dest: /var/log/kibana/kibana.log

xpack.monitoring.kibana.collection.enabled: true
monitoring.ui.container.elasticsearch.enabled: true

xpack.reporting.csv.maxSizeBytes: 104857600

Log file:

"tags":["info","cli","config"],"pid":7943,"message":"Reloaded logging configuration due to SIGHUP."
"tags":["info","plugins-system"],"pid":7943,"message":"Stopping all plugins."
"tags":["info","plugins","monitoring","monitoring","kibana-monitoring"],"pid":7943,"message":"Monitoring stats collection is stopped"
"tags":["info","plugins-service"],"pid":2583,"message":"Plugin \"timelines\" is disabled."

My plugins:

# /usr/share/kibana/bin/kibana-plugin list

Hi vladimir, sorry to hear that you are having problems. I tried quickly to reproduce the issue by manually sending the SIGHUP signal to the Kibana server process, but I didn't see any problems of it no longer working after handling the signal.

As an alternative to sending the SIGHUP signal, in 7.13.0, you can use the logging.appenders config settings to control the file destination of the logs, and a policy for controlling log rotation: Logging service | Kibana Guide [7.13] | Elastic

Hello Tim,
Thanks for the answer.
I've reinstalled kibana and don't see the problem.
Thank you.

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