Kibana elasticsearch_url

I have a production ELK environment and I want to have multiple kibana search load balancers. Right now I have two nodes set to not become master and not have data. I have places those 2 IP's in their own domain but when I edit the kibana.yml file and change the setting from:

elasticsearch_url: "http://localhost:9200" to elasticsearch_url: "http://lDOMAIN:9200"

I cannot get kibana to load any longer.

The question is I guess, do I need to put a FQDN in that section to load balance my searches or with multiple nodes set up as balancers will elasticsearch automatically balance my searches across all nodes that are set up that way. I want an easy way to be able to scale up more load balancers if we get to a point when our searches are getting slowed down because of the load we are putting on the cluster.


For the domain issue as long as it resolves on your local system such as "ping" command your good. You might check that the elasticsearch is actually listening on your new IP's with netstat -nltp you could be bound to localhost and not the public address

I like to test with Netcat nc -zv host 9200

Thanks, turns out it is a DNS issue. I just have to set up a zone transfer and it should work. Thanks for the reply.