Creating Single URL for multiple Kibana URL

I have a ELK stack with 2 Logstash server, 3 node Elasticsearch cluster and 2 Kibana server (considering High Availability). Due to two Kibana instance we have two Kibana URL. Both the Kibana URL is working. Can I have a single URL by which I can access both the Kibana? If any time one of the Kibana is down then also we will be able to access the other one.


You will need to use an external (to the Elastic Stack) load balancer to do this, but it should be possible.

Thanks @warkolm for your reply.

Sorry, I forgot to mention one thing, the two Kibana instance is running in two dedicated Elasticsearch coordinating nodes (for load balancing the requests which goes from Kibana to Elasticsearch), due to this my Elasticsearch cluster is a 5 node Elasticsearch cluster (3 master+data nodes and 2 coordinating nodes).

Just to clarify, the solution you suggested to use external load balancer is applicable now also right(since I have two Kibana instance in two dedicated coordinating nodes)?


It still applies.

Thanks @warkolm for your quick reply.

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