Defining multiple Elasticsearch URL on kibana.yml

(Ganesh) #1

I have 2 master node and i want to configure both the ES URL into my kibana.yml . So that when any one of my master get down kibana will point another master. How can i do this.

(Joe Fleming) #2

You can't, Kibana only connects to a single node at a time. You could stand up two Kibana instances, each one pointing at different master node, and then load balance those instances.

(Ganesh) #3

How about coordinate nodes?

(Joe Fleming) #4

Sure, if you only want a single Kibana instance, then any way you can connect it to a single node and have it distribute the traffic would work.

(Ganesh) #5

Thank you .

By using of coordinate i can achieve that

(system) #6

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