Kibana error - more issues found during setup

Using Kibana: v7.10.2
When trying to create an Index, I go to the indices option on Index Management page and get the following error:
Error Loading indices
Cannot read property 'aliases' of undefined

Any ideas the reason for this error
NB : Kibana + Elastic search a real bother to setup for a new beginner

Just to add a further detail, this also throws a 500 in the chrome dev toolbar in the network tab so presumably API throws same error.

Hey @rubans

That looks like a legitimate bug to me. If you still see this error in Kibana 7.11.0, then would you mind filing a bug with the steps to reproduce here:


Hi @azasypkin
It's my first time with EFK so I'm learning as I go, I'm finding a few issues which often not sure if it's me or a bug.
Anyway, I dropped down to v 7.8.2 and not seeing the same issue.

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