Kibana error on Discover when accessing index pattern with Recently shrunk index

As mentioned in the subject, I have an index pattern that references a recently shrunk index. After the shrink happened, I get the following error.


Per this page, the alias in the form of the original index name should have been created and I have confirmed that the alias shows on the index management status page.

So my question is, Any idea what this error means and why it is occurring?

Two questions:

  1. Does the index pattern you have match both the shrink-indexname-* and indexname-* patterns?

  2. What does the actual response from Elasticsearch show? You can check in the Network tab of the browser dev tools for the failing request.

Afternoon Wylie,
Yes the index pattern did line up.
I am not currently seeing the same problem so I will need to recreate the symptom before I can answer your second question. As soon as I do, I will provide that info.

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