Kibana error on import visualisation "Could not locate that index-pattern-field"

I had created several visualisations. Today after refreshing index pattern in Management tab all of visualisations are giving me error Could not locate that index-pattern (id: audit-logs-new). This index pattern is already there. I can perform searches on this in Discover tab, create new visualisations with index pattern but I am seeing this error. I want to import these visualisations from our lower environments to Production. Also after importing these visualisations on Production Kibana I am seeing error "Could not locate that index-pattern-field (id: Kafka.TransactionStatus.keyword)". And again, I can see this field in my index pattern in schema also in Discover tab searches.

I am using ELK 5.6 on RHEL 7.3

Hi @Shantanu_Deshmukh

After reading through your issue, I think you are hitting this problem in your environment:

I think if you get 5.6.3 version, it should have the fix. (the latest version of Kibana released- 6.2.0 - will also have it)


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