Kibana Error: Uncaught TypeError: __webpack_require__(...).register is not a function

Hi Team,

I am getting below error while I open kibana.

Error: Uncaught TypeError: webpack_require(...).register is not a function (
at window.onerror (

please let us know why we are getting such error.

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How did you originally install Kibana? What command are you using to start Kibana? What version are you on? Have you made any modifications to the source?

i installed kibana by NSSM tool and i installed as a service.

Current version of my ELK stack is 5.5.0

I didn't make any modification to the source at Al, since despite it was working fine til yesterday. but today we are getting this issue.

Hmmm sorry, I don't have any experience with NSSM. I can ask around. Does Kibana start up ok if you run it standalone without NSSM? If so, what does your NSSM config for Kibana look like?


I get exactly the same error as soon as I add a third party plugin in the plugin folder of Kibana. Looks like something changed somewhere. A pristine installation of Kibana is working as expected.



Hi Team,

As i See now, Kibana is working fine for me after i delete temp files and logs and restarted.

i hope, there seems to be the error while xpack installation.


I am facing same error after installing traffic-light visualization.
What temp files did you delete?


Hello @Nikhil_Utane

Please remove traffic-light visualization manually from PowerShell command and then stop ELK services and restart the server and again try to import or install. it will work

i'm getting this in the network_vis (build from the git version)
i already removed, reinstalled, no luck... what weird error


May i know which version of ELk Stack using in your system.?

Same error here with custom visualization from traffic-light base.

Any idea.

@Sujith Sorry for the delay

i'm using 5.5.1 in all the stack ... i plan to upgrade to 5.5.2 in the next few weeks, depending of the free time

@danielmotaleite that's okay :slightly_smiling_face:

This might be the issue with the version also. Please plan to upgrade to 5.5.2 and your issue will resolve.

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