Kibana Error: Uncaught TypeError: __webpack_require__(...).register is not a function

(Kumar) #1

Hi Team,

I am getting below error while I open kibana.

Error: Uncaught TypeError: webpack_require(...).register is not a function (
at window.onerror (

please let us know why we are getting such error.

(Matt Bargar) #2

How did you originally install Kibana? What command are you using to start Kibana? What version are you on? Have you made any modifications to the source?

(Kumar) #3

i installed kibana by NSSM tool and i installed as a service.

Current version of my ELK stack is 5.5.0

I didn't make any modification to the source at Al, since despite it was working fine til yesterday. but today we are getting this issue.

(Matt Bargar) #4

Hmmm sorry, I don't have any experience with NSSM. I can ask around. Does Kibana start up ok if you run it standalone without NSSM? If so, what does your NSSM config for Kibana look like?

(Snuids) #5


I get exactly the same error as soon as I add a third party plugin in the plugin folder of Kibana. Looks like something changed somewhere. A pristine installation of Kibana is working as expected.



(Kumar) #6

Hi Team,

As i See now, Kibana is working fine for me after i delete temp files and logs and restarted.

i hope, there seems to be the error while xpack installation.

(Nikhil Utane) #7


I am facing same error after installing traffic-light visualization.
What temp files did you delete?


(Kumar) #8

Hello @Nikhil_Utane

Please remove traffic-light visualization manually from PowerShell command and then stop ELK services and restart the server and again try to import or install. it will work

(Danielmotaleite) #9

i'm getting this in the network_vis (build from the git version)
i already removed, reinstalled, no luck... what weird error

(Kumar) #10


May i know which version of ELk Stack using in your system.?

(Alejandro Bedoya Gonzalez) #11

Same error here with custom visualization from traffic-light base.

Any idea.

(Danielmotaleite) #12

@Sujith Sorry for the delay

i'm using 5.5.1 in all the stack ... i plan to upgrade to 5.5.2 in the next few weeks, depending of the free time

(Kumar) #13

@danielmotaleite that's okay :slightly_smiling_face:

This might be the issue with the version also. Please plan to upgrade to 5.5.2 and your issue will resolve.

(system) #14

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