Kibana export png/PDF report missing in trial license

I am currently using a trial license to test some of the gold subscription features. After activating the trial, I don't see the PDF / png export options in the "Share" menu in Kibana.

I am running the docker image for Kibana 7.11.1.

What I have tried:

  • The CSV export options does work.
  • The reporting diagnostic says everything is fine.
  • I set logging.verbose: "true" and restarted the container. There logs are extremely verbose, but it doesn't seem like any errors happened when launching the reporting system. I ran a docker logs 2>&1 | grep "chromium". This is what it gives me:
{"type":"log","@timestamp":"2021-04-28T15:46:32+00:00","tags":["warning","plugins","reporting","config"],"pid":7,"message":"Chromium sandbox provides an additional layer of protection, but is not supported for Linux CentOS 8.3.2011\n OS. Automatically setting 'xpack.reporting.capture.browser.chromium.disableSandbox: true'."}
{"type":"log","@timestamp":"2021-04-28T15:46:36+00:00","tags":["debug","plugins","reporting"],"pid":7,"message":"Browser executable: /usr/share/kibana/x-pack/plugins/reporting/chromium/headless_shell-linux_x64/headless_shell"}
  • I jumped into the container with docker exec -it <container name> bash and tested the headless_shell with this command, which did generate a working PDF.

Any suggestions / help with this are appreciated.

Not available for basic licenses.

Can you head over to the license management part of Kibana and make sure you have the license applied?

A trial license is a 30 day Platinum level one.

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Checked Stack Management -> License Management, it says "trial license active". Please note I can use other paid features, such as the additional connectors, document/field level security, etc.

Is there some configuration I need to change in Kibana to enable the PNG/PDF reports?

Is it possible that the Kibana docker image is missing some dependency to enable the reports? Is there are a log message I should look for that could indicate what is going on?

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