Kibana Failed to parse value 4.0 for setting node.processors must be = 1

Hi Team,

Unable to start Kibana throwing an error as

kibana Failed to parse value 4.0 for setting node.processors must be = 1)

Elasticsearch cluster running on docker container.

Kibana version: 8.8.1
Elasticsearch version: 8.8.1
nodes: 2 (one master and data node)

Can you check your node.processors setting? It seems to be invalid.

hey @tsullivan thank you. How to update that setting using API.

Hi Vijay, it doesn't look possible to update node.processors using an API. According to the documentation:

Thread pool settings are static and can be changed by editing elasticsearch.yml

Yup, @tsullivan that's what I am looking for I want to update that using API due to My elastic servers running as containers after updating elasticsearh.yml file need to restart containers after restarting the elastic servers not working properly due to it troughing cluster not healthy unable to determine cluster health and data node saying this node already part of another cluster and unable to up that data node.

You should check out the documentation of how to restart an Elasticsearch cluster: Full-cluster restart and rolling restart | Elasticsearch Guide [8.11] | Elastic

This will be the only option since there is no API or way of dynamically changing the setting you want to change.

Thanks @tsullivan I will try that.

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