Kibana fails to start on new environment

I have Elasticsearch 7.2.0 downloaded, installed, and running with no configuration changes after download.
The database of Elastic search is empty - no data added
I have Kibana 7.3.0 dowloaded, installed with no configuration changes after download.

I started Elasticsearch and it is active on :9200 port. I started Kibana and it will not start - just attempting to import some indexes apparently looping through files that are not found. I cancelled it after 10 minutes.

The system is Win10

Can anyone help?

Can you provide some start up logs of Kibana .Set logging.verbose: true in Kibana.yml Setting this value to true logs all events, including system usage information and all requests.


Looking through the log I found that the problem was Elasticsearch 7.2.0 rather 7.3.0 – after downloading that version the Kibana started properly.

Thank you for quick response.


Mark P Kajdos

205 873 0850




Cool. Thanks for updating!


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