KIbana filter by aggrgation on y axis

I have been exploring elastic search and kibana. Simple aggregations are working fine.

I am stuck at plotting the below scenario

I have a document with 3 fields as below and some sample entries

processId , process version, modifiedDatetime

1,                 0,                          2018-01-01

1,                 1,                         2018-01-02

2,.                0,                         2018-01-01

I need to plot a vertical graph where in i have to count process every day but it should count only max version

So in this case for 2018-01-01 it should only give me count as 1 (event though there are 2 entries it should count only the latest version)
I tried applying filter but have not been successfull

Any thing that can be done here ?

Hey @Ambuj_Jauhari, I'm not seeing a way to accomplish what you're looking for at query time, is there a way to adjust your ingest processing to update documents when the process version is updated as opposed to inserting a new document?

Hi Brandon,

yeah we can adjust the ingestion process to maintain only latest version of the process if thats the only choice

A quick note on why we wanted to keep all versions is because the next step for us here was to allow users to track each process.

For e.g. version 0 means CREATED 1 means EMAIL_SENT, 2 means CLIENT_RESPONDED, 4 means COMPLETED

So we wanted a way to create a visualization where in they can track each process timeline when the process was created, when did client respond.

Honestly i have not explored this visualization is this possible in kibana and if so can you suggest on how woul i be able to acheive this ?

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