Kibana visualization filter

Hello, I'm Sidibe and i'm new on ELK:

I'm an app developper, with my team we would like to know which version of our app is used by our client. so whenever a client log on we recover ( the version, userID and date) on the server, we then put those data in elasticsearch.
We want to build a kibana visualization that shows the number of user by app version.
we are having some trouble to build this kind of visualization.
I have tried to filter X-Axis by app versions and Y-Axis by the count of user.
the problem with is:
for exemple if 10 users are on app version 2.0 and then change app version from 2.0 to 4.0, kibana will count 10 users on 2.0 and 10 users on 4.0.
i'm struggling to tell it to just count an user for his latest version we have in elasticsearch.
I need help to edit a correct filter to do that.
Thank you.

I guess you are sending your data in wrong way. You should update it instead of adding new documents.

thank you for your response, as i said before i'm new on elk so sorry for my questions,
Is it possible to write a script (kind of comparing the app version stocked in elasticsearch and the one in log data) telling elasticsearch to update data when the app version is different ?. (logs are sent to elasticsearch whenever client get logged).

thank you

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