Kibana filter; trying to query a keyword field

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Hello! I am a complete beginner to Elasticserach and Kibana and am having some trouble using the filter while searching in Kibana. I have a field called serial which is full of serial numbers that were strings because some of the numbers were preceded by zeroes which was causing issues when loading the data into Elasticserach and leading to a lot of null values. After realizing that you cannot aggregate strings I changed the mapping to keyword but now I find that I cannot use a filter (ex. when I check for a certain serial number I know exists, I get no results). I am making sure the time range is correct already.
If anyone can offer any guidance it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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After you changed the mapping to keyword, did you re-index your documents?

Depending on your mapping set up, you may have a separate keyword field called serial.keyword. Try filtering on that if it exists.

If you are still having issues, providing your mapping information and screenshots from Kibana will help us a lot. Thanks!

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@jen-huang Thank you for the reply! I have found that the issue was related to the fact that there was whitespace in the numbers as well. After trimming and re-indexing things seem to be working.

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