Kibana filtering based on some search term

I am new to Elastic .
I have setup like Filebeat->ES<-Kibana
Data is unformatted with single lines and multiple lines of logs and inserted into ES from Filebeat.
Based on multi line expression new line is inserted into ES successfully.
I need feature like some bookmark with predefined Api names from my logs...for eg api1 api2 .
Once I select api1 and give the search term in lucene kibana should show all the resutls for the API1.
Basically I am too lazy to search with "<< search word>>" AND "<< apiname >>"
in lucene.

Any pointers or tutorial will be really appreciated.

I explored kibana a bit , I think custom label is what i am looking for. But when I save it is not visible like other filters for eg msg,hostname etc.
I am using elastic 7.6

Hello @Darshan_Kamat

There's a couple of different ways of doing this. You could use a saved search Save a search | Kibana Guide [7.12] | Elastic . You could try entering the search and simply bookmarking it. You could also create a set of filters than you enable and disable.


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