Kibana filters for multiple pages

How to filter in Multiple Page Dashboards, the filter should triggers while page navigation ?

please help, Thank you!

Hi @balaji_18,

It's not clear what you mean by Multiple Page Dashboards and what filters should trigger. Can you please give us a detailed explanation what you have and what exactly you want to achieve? Ideally complemented with screenshots and such.


I have created one dashboard and linked some analysis pages in that dashboard using some icons.
If i click that icon it will navigate to that analysis page. I need if i select any filter in dashboard it sholud also be replicate in that analysis page. please help..

  • What is linked some analysis pages? Pages external to Kibana or what? How did you linked them exactly?
  • sholud also be replicate in that analysis page - it's not clear what do you mean by replicating.

Please spend a bit time and give a clear explanation so that more people can understand and try to help you. Can you make screenshots or do a screen recording if it's easier for you?

A. First Dashboard

B. Second Dashboard

If i apply any filter in A it will change the dashboard according to that filter and i need that filter to be applicable in
B also.

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