Navigate from one Dashboard to another and carry filters?

Hello, using kibana is it possible to navigate from one dashboard to another and carry filters? or input parameters?

I currently have 3 similar dashboards.
1- Shows applications Visualizations
2- Shows Screens Visualizations
3- Shows Queries Visualizations

What I need is:

  • Select 1 application from Dashboard 1, and then navigate to dashboard 2 while filtering by that application.
  • Select 1 Screen from Dashboard 2, and then navigate to dashboard 3 while filtering by that screen AND by the same application.

Is something like this possible?

Hi @joaoS123,

In the upcoming Kibana 7.8 release there will be a Dashboard drilldown feature. Docs are currently in progress, you can view them here.

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Hey @Vadims_Daleckis,

Thank you for the info! I'll be looking forward to that :slight_smile:

Yes it is possible, you can use icon or small image and we can link using Markdown (Connect the dashboard2 URL using markdown in image) if u click it will navigate to next dashboard.

Control visualization helps to navigate with the filters.

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