Navigate from Dashboard 1 to Dashboard 2. Is it possible in Kibana?

Hi All

I have created 2 Dashboards using 2 different indexes
Dashboard 1 : Have common data product family
Dashboard 2 : Have common data product family

Can i navigate from Dashboard 1 to Dashboard 2 to deep down my analysis
Assume that Dashboard 1 is high level overview of a product

and Dashboard 2 is detailed analysis of the product

On clicking Dashboard 1 report it should take me to Dashboard 2

Is it possible with Kibana?
This is something possible with OBIEE, Tableau, Cognos and Business Object

Please let me know if any solution or workaround available for this...


Hi @rkhapre,

If you want to link two Dashboard, you can use the markdown widget to navigate via your Dashboards. There is an example in the Dashboard given in the blog entry concerning packetbeat and MongoDB, here is the Dashboard. To extract the url corresponding to a specific Dashboard there is the button between the open and add ones. I'm not really sure if you have to use the complete url or just a part of it, as shown in the example.

Does this answer your need ?


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Hi @rcazorla

This one was very useful
But i was looking for something like clicking on a data of pie chart or histogram and it should route me to a new dashboard.

Thanks a lot for your reply. It helped me somewhat

We have the same issue. Did you find how to do it ?


why not use the markdown widget for the same? The href link being the dashboard id.

You can format a String as a URL Link and put something like this on the template:


To get a link like this one, just copy the URL from the dashboard you wish to link to and manipulate the variables as you need. In my example I just needed a dashboard with a new filter.

this is the related documentation:

thanks a lot, I will try this :slight_smile:

I cannot understand what you mean. Can you please explain further ?

Sure, I'll try.

First, on Kibana under Settings->Indices we have a list of all the fields in the selected index. If you click on that pencil icon on the far right it opens up the formatting options for that field. If the field is a string you can format it as an URL of the type Link (click on the helpers on that page for more information), and that field will be clickable on Kibana, opening said URL on a new tab.

Second, we have the whole state of a dashboard on the URL. So when you have the dashboard you want to link to, you can copy the URL from the browser and open it in another tab, and there it would be reconstructed as it was before. That is the URL I posted on as an example a few days ago.

In my example I needed a new dashboard with a filter based on an ID that was a field, so I turned that field in a clickable link (using String Format) with the {{value}} of it being passed to the URL Template. When I click on that field, wherever it appears on Kibana, a new dashboard is opened.

You can use all that to turn one field of your choice in a link to a second dashboard, using the info on that field as a parameter to the URL of the second dashboard if you need to.

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Thanks alot for the explanation.