Navigation from one dashboard to another dashboard

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I have the requirement like,

  1. Need to display master page when login to kibana. The page has details and if click on filed has to navigate to a particular dashboard.
  2. From the dashboard to again click on will navigate to a page.
    I have tried with visualize-"table " creation then updating respective matched with URL in index-pattern.
    Have followed below URL,

Please let me know how to do all.
Expecting quick inputs.

Thanks in advance,
Santosh G

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You can use a Markdown visualization to link to different dashboards that are already present. You can use the Beats dashboards as examples:

As for setting a specific dashboard to open when login to Kibana, you can achieve this by setting default AppId in kibana.yml:

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This was very useful
But i was looking for something like clicking on a data of pie chart or histogram and it should route me to a new dashboard.

Thanks for your reply.

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That is not yet possible in Kibana, it's a popular request and we have an open Enhancement request for it here:
You can follow it there and feel free to comment with your use case and needs so that it helps us design an useful feature for most of our users.

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