Kibana filters in Dashboard vs Lens (aggs vs query)

Dear Community,

I'm building kibana Dashboard with Customers names adding controls to my dashboard.
When I filter Customer name in the dashboard with let's say 'John' it is not appearing in the particular table I have created in lens.
Then to debug I clicked 'edit lens' and checked filter there and records corresponding to 'John' appeared 100% correct.

By going to my Dashboard and cliecking 'Inspec' -> 'View: Requests' I have noticed that in aggs section I have only 100 first customer names and top values of other attributes.

That means my filter in Dashboard level works only on sample data, and does not find 'John' in this sample of top values. However in lens it takes into consideration full dataset.

Is this possible to apply filters in dashboard on whole dataset, when I have milions of records?

The issue got fixed, actually the problem was handeling of Numeric values by Kibana. You can not apply option 'Include documents without this field' for Integers and that was removing my data from visualisation.

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